Gileba: First aid for your website

A new version of Tablemaker has been released for Joomla!™. Version 1.2.0 adds support for tab seperated files (both TSV and CSV).


Gileba has released a new version of Tablemaker, the Joomla! module that allows users to add the content of a CSV-file - or a TSV-file - easily to a Joomla powered website.

Version 1.2.0 adds support for TSV-files (or CSV files with a tab as a delimeter) for Pro-subscribers of the plugin.

For easier working in the source code, support for Joomla 3.10 has been removed.

What's new?

Version 1.2.0

  • [PRO] Added support for Tab delimitered files (both TSV and CSV)
  • Lookup now has its own tab for its parameters
  • HTML now has its own tab for its parameters
  • [J3] Removed support for Joomla 3.10


Registered users can download the newest version from their account.

Paying users have the easy option to install the newest version through the Extension Manager of their registered website.