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Maintenance of Joomla websites

Joomla is a wonderful platform for your website. You can control almost anything yourself. That takes time and knowledge. Especially when it concerns updates of both the CMS and its extensions (such as components, plugins, templates, modules, ...). Does that worry you? We can help you...

Safety First with Joomla

The importance of keeping Joomla! and her extensions up to date can not be stressed enough. Not only do you probably have the most bug-free version of the software, you can also enjoy the latest additions en speed optimisations. Above that, you have the latest security measures as well to keep those hackers away. A popular platform for webdesigners is also an interesting target for hackers.

Do you see a red warning in the backoffice of your Joomla! powered website? Install those updates as fast as you can. You will see: the next day a new update will probably be ready for another part of your website. And so you keep on updating, while you actually wanted to work on the content of your website.

Safety first
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An update goes wrong

A big update usually brings new possibilities with it. But big changes sometimes mean big problems as well: the layout changes and doesn't fit your style anumore, a connection with another extensions goes awry, the function has changed so much it doesn't fit your needs anumore, ... Those are situations you don't want to encounter on your live website while people are visiting on the clock.

And a warning: how good a programmer can be, he is and stays human. There's always a little chance the newly released versoin contains a bug that breaks your website.

It's therefore very imporant to always have a backup ready when updating software. And if there's a big change in the update, you should install it on a testsite first. That's what I call "controlled updating".

You want to loosen that burden on your shoulders?

You prefer to have someone who performs those backups, tests and updates for you? Do not hesitate to contact me. I'll gladly look at the possibilities for your website. Maintenance packages at Gileba exist starting at 10 euro a month (escluding VAT). You'll get some more time and a safe feeling in return!

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