Gileba: First aid for your website
Joomla 4

Upgrade to Joomla 4 or 5

Joomla 5 has been released in November 2023, Joomla 4 is out there for some time already. But upgrading to the latest version of this content management system (CMS) requires preparement, time and knowledge. Gileba has upgraded several sites succesfully from Joomla 3 to J4 and even J5. You want it too for your website?

How do I work?

Gileba has the experience for upgrading your site to the latest version. The first step is updating your website on a testserver to Joomla 3.10 (if that is not already the case) and update all extensions to their latest possible version as well. I check the upgrade report created by your Joomla site for incompatibilities with extensions. The next big step is the upgrade itself on the testsite. First of all, any errors are resolved, the non-compatible extensions are fixed (or I look for a worthy alternative). The last step - if necessary - is fine tuning the template.

Working on a PC

What do I expect from you?

I need your approval for taking a copy of your site and install it on a testserver. Once the upgrade has been applied on the testserver, I'll ask you to have a good look at all the visuals and functions. You know your website the best, after all.

Ready for an upgrade to Joomla 4 or Joomla 5?

If you like my method to make your Joomla website ready for the guture? Don't hesitate to contact me. We'll have an informal look at how to proceed. Upgrading to Joomla 4 of Joomla 5 is possible starting from 200 euro.