Gileba: First aid for your website

TT Stand just got a nice update. It now natively supports Joomla 5 and gained support for an extra API which gives webmasters the opportunity to display standings from the major Belgian competitions.


Besides the support for the API of the Dutch TT App, the most recent version of TT Stand now allows you to link to the API of TabT. This software is used by the Royal Belgian Tabletennis Federation (KBTTB) and both her members: the Flemmish Tafeltennis Federation (VTTL) and her Walloon counterpart Aile Francophone (AF).

Except the expansion to TabT, the code of the module is optimised to run natively on Joomla 5 without the need of the Backwards Compatibility plugin. Last but not least, several smaller optimizations have been added as well.

The full version history can be found on the product page.


The module can be downloaded for free on the product page. Registration is required.